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USA – Peru: A Comparison of Citizens’ Right to Access Information

Mariela Goett Samamé*

Master’s Candidate in Public Policy at the University of Maryland

Enacted in 1966 by the American President Lyndon B. Johnson, The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was intended to provide U.S. citizens with the right to information by allowing them to access government records. Over the years, the extent of FOIA’s reach waxed and waned. The 1976 Sunshine Act, which was intended to bring greater transparency in the US government, applied several exemptions to the kinds of government records that citizens could access under FOIA. In 1982, President Ronald Reagan issued an executive order allowing federal agencies to withhold information relating to national security. During the Clinton era, FOIA’s applicability expanded to cover previously withheld information regarding national security. In addition, the Electronic Freedom of Information Act of 1996 required that all agencies are required to make certain types of records created after 1996 available electronically. In recent years, FOIA has been modified to allow citizen access to information regarding the Security and Exchange Commission. Sigue leyendo